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Fast Track Kiteboarding Lesson

Designed for those taking their very first kiteboarding lesson and would like to learn to kiteboard at a discounted rate.  The rate is discounted because you either have to provide a group or we combine you with others.   This is a group rate lesson and we will combine you with others for groups generally 2 but could be up to 3 people.  If you are looking for a private group experience, select our Bring A Friend Lesson(you must have at least 2 people in your group).

Our instructors are trained in communication and use group dynamics to engage everyone in the course all the time.  With switching the person flying the kite often, it allows for your scope of vision to change and will actually accelerate the learning process.  This also provides mental and physical breaks, while continuously learning. This really allows for a full day experience where you can take advantage of group dynamics to continuously learn.

Organize your friends or family into a group of three that are no more than 50lbs weight difference between you to qualify for this special Fast Track Camp.Great way to learn if you have a group or don’t mind combining with others as this is a group rate lesson and we will combine you with others for groups generally 2 but could be up to 3 people.

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PDF Facts

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Since you are combined with strangers this lesson is intended for the first time lesson only.  This will be your Itnerary

  • Kite Control
  • Wind Awareness / Risk Management
  • Power Strokes
  • Simulated Water Start
  • Simulated Riding
  • Equipment Set Up
  • Use of all Safety Systems
  • Launching and Landing
  • Water Relaunching
  • Body Surfing with the Kite
  • Putting on the Kiteboard
  • First Exciting Waterstarts
  • Self Exit / Self Rescue

This lesson is designed for the first lesson experience and will take you from no skills to your first exciting rides on the kiteboard!


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