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Bring A Friend - Private Group Lessons

If you have a partner to learn with, we offer a “bring a friend” discount.  1 instructor to be shared between your group of 2 or 3 people.  This is a private group lesson, so nobody else will be joining your group.  Share the experience with your family and friends!  Perfect for couples, siblings, or friends!


2hr lessons are $250.00 each($125.00/hr per person) or book an additional hr for a 3hr kite lesson for only $100.00 more!


2 people x 2hrs - $125.00/hr per person - $250.00 each($500.00)

2 people x 3hrs - $116.66/hr per person - $350.00 each($700.00)

3 people x 3hrs - $100.00/hr per person - $300.00 each($900.00)


This is a great way to learn in the beginning as you get to learn faster by changing your scope of vision when you switch the kite back and forth frequently.  These frequent mental and physical breaks are what allow many people to actually accelerate the overall learning process!

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PDF Facts

Download a PDF fact sheet with all the information about the selected tour Download pdf
Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four
Kite Control Set up your equipment independently Really starting to fine tune  Learning the Power Stop
Wind Awareness / Risk Management Waterstarts going both directions combining the body, board,  Starting to Learn to
Learn the Power Strokes Controlling Your Speed & kite movements so you are      Go Upwind
Simulated Water Starts Kite Positioning to Slow Down or Speed Up smooth & consistent each time.
Simulated Riding Board Positioning to Slow Down or Speed Up Learning to get just enough  Day Five
Use of all Safety Systems Fine Tuning the posture for more speed for the waterstart  
Equipment Set Up  powerful edging  by combining the kite, board,  Riding Upwind
Launching the Kite Doing More with the Sheeting  & body positions to  Achieving Self Sufficiency
Water re-launching the kite while riding the board develope consistency. Learning to launch the kite 
Body Surfing with the Kite Leaning techniques to slow    from the beach
Putting on the Kiteboard your downwind travel    
First Exciting Water Starts on the board Learn the Self Exit/ Rescue    




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