Kiteboarding Adventure Trips - Kite The Island

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Kiteboarding Adventure Trips - Kite The Island

The Turks & Caicos Islands boast a variety of kiteboarding locations.  Long Bay Beach is perfect for beginners and is where we teach all of our lessons.  However, once you are an experienced kiteboarder and can stay upwind with no difficulty, the Turks and Caicos has other kiteboarding spots to discover! 


These kiteboarding adventure trips are land based, no boat, and designed for you to join one our instructors to guide you in a unique adventure to kite other places on the island.  Depending on the wind direction of that day, we select the best place to take you.  Our instructor/guide will provide transportation and take you to the kiteboarding area.  They will kite along with you for the day.  This is a half day trip and scheduled as an afternoon trip from 1-5 pm.  If you want a morning session, just use the inquiry button instead of the book now button to send us an e-mail.


We are able to provide a kite or board as needed if you e-mail us in advance to arrange for our instructor to have the gear with them.


  • Transportation and all fuel costs
  • Guide - One of our certified instructors is your guide and will kite with you
  • Bottled Water
  • Any kiteboarding gear needed(advanced arrangements required)


Locations are Based on Wind Direction that Day
$450.00 for half day trips regardless of location


From USD 450

+1 Additional options

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A hidden beach near the Northwest point of our island offers one of the most secluded kiteboarding locations in the Turks and Caicos Islands. With miles of undeveloped national park beaches, it is ideal for anyone looking to break away from the crowds. The KiteProvo Team has exclusive rights to this amazing location.

NorthWest Point kiting trips are ½ day adventures. Here you will find sand bar’s with small waves to ride, if you bring your snorkeling mask you can explore the amazing underwater world here!  3 miles of untouched sandy beaches to explore. For the foodie….ask about a post- riding stop to one of TCI’s favorite local hot- spots (Da Conch Shack, Kalookis, Under the Tree, or Three queens).  Trip does not include the price of a meal at these locations, but we are happy to stop there wtih you after the kiteboarding session!


BOOGALOOS is not only one of the Turks and Caicos most popular restaurants, but also a phenomenal kiting spot. Boogaloos restaurant sits at the end of a large shallow bay (yes, you can stand in ½ the bay). While you are sure to see loads of wildlife, you will not see any other kiters. Enjoy a fresh lobster tail or conch fritters after the adventure.   Trip does not include the price of a meal at these locations, but we are happy to stop there wtih you after the kiteboarding session!

Visit BOOGALOOS very own 2 sunken ships, mangrove channels and famous ‘5 Cays’



Located on the south side of the island, Turtle Tail bay is another kiting location to visit when looking for flat water. It is a protected shallow bay surrounded by miles of beautiful iron shore. When the wind direction is right, you can ride straight out to the ocean.


GRACE BAY …. Childrens Park $450

When the North or NE winds are blowing, its off to the world famous shores of Grace Bay. Ideal for the more advanced rider, Grace Bay will give you swells to chop hop, shore break to surf and miles of beaches to launch and land from. 

EMERALD POINT & Half Moon Bay .... $450.00
When the North or NE winds are blowing, experience Emerald Point, some of the most strikingly beautiful waters with surreal variations of blue, turquoise, and greens!  We kite across the channel to famous Half Moon Bay, normally only accessible by boat, but on the right wind directions, we can kite up into this flat water lagoon.  Kite Half Moon Bay and stop to see the famous Iguanas on Iguana Island.





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