Kiteboarding Lessons - Private One-On-One

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Kiteboarding Lessons - Private One-On-One

If you are already kiteboarding or you are just looking for a more personalized kiteboarding experience, our private kite lessons are the course for you!  These are customized kiteboarding lessons one-on-one with our instructor to fit your needs.  It might be Just what you need to take your kiting to the next level.  This allows our instructors to adapt our teaching style to your learning style.


Regardless of your skill level, the price is the same, $175.00/hr.  If you are a beginner, we suggest you look at our two Volume Discount Packages/Camps.  They can be booked as private lessons but are bundled in 10-15hr packages at a discounted price.

If you have any previous experience with power kites or have taken kiteboarding lessons, private lessons are the best choice for you!

If you are a total beginner and just prefer to have a private experience than this is the best choice for you.

Private Kite lessons can be for any skill level, but are strongly suggested for any lesson beyond the first lesson.  Each private lesson is a customized experience that is just right for you!


Private lessons are also perfect for your progression or to learn a more advanced discipline of kiteboarding like Hydrofoil boards!  Realize our instructors are not only PASA certified instructors training in communication, but are top level kiteboarders.  They combine these skills to create a learning pathway for you to break down complex things into a step-by-step progression for you.

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Private Lessons allow our instructors to adapt the teaching style to your individual learning style.

Learn at your own pace!

Private Lessons are for any skill level

  • Beginners
  • Learn to Ride Upwind
  • Progression Lessons are just private lessons scheduled at High Tide so if you want to learn to jump, hydrofoil, or advanced instruction, book our Progression High Tide Lesson.


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