Progression Lessons - advanced(hydrofoil, transitions, tricks, or surf board)

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Take your kiting to the next level with our progression lessons.  These are private kite lessons with an advanced theme to progress your kiting to a new and exciting level.  Realize our instructors are not only PASA certified instructors training in communication, but are top level kiteboarders.  They combine these skills to create a learning pathway for you to break down complex things into a step-by-step progression for you.


Progression - High Tide Lessons - .  Scheduled during higher tide water times and so you should be able to ride upwind before signing up for these lessons.  If you cannot ride upwind, you need to be booking our Private Lessons.


Progression - High Tide Lessons - Some popular things we teach are: Surfboard lessons, Hydrofoil lessons, transitions, jumping, or tricks.


Surfboard strapped and strapless riding

  • Perfect for those wanting to ride in lighter winds as you can ride in much lighter winds with surfboard style boards that offer more floatation.
  • Perfect for those looking for a low impact style of kiteboarding as this is much easier on the knees than twintip kiteboards.
  • Perfect for those looking to ride in the waves, perfect your skills in flat water to prepare for surf!
  • Perfect for those just looking to re-kindle that excitement of learning something new and opening up new choices for your kiteboarding.


  • Learn a few trick from one of our many sponsored professional riders.
  • Thinking of attempting your first back roll and want a bit of guidance? Curios about learning how to ride toe- side or try a jump transition? Or perhaps an unhooked trick that you just can’t quite land? Let one of our pros give you some tips.
  • Catapult your kiting forward as our instructors will save you hundreds of wasted hours trying to figure this out on your own.
  • We design smaller steps that build in more complex accomplishments, let us design your learning pathway.


  • Riding a kite with a hydrofoil board under your feet.  Kite Provo can teach you this newest type of kiteboarding. Foilboarding has recently exploded in popularity within the kiteboarding community. With a remarkably efficient design, hydrofoil allows riders to cross into that sub 10 knot threshold while still having a ton of fun.
  • Some popular things we teach are: Surfboard lessons, transitions, jumping, or tricks.
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Directions to Kite Provo (Shore Club on Long Bay Beach)

Please meet us here 10 minutes prior to the start time of the lesson.  The Shore Club’s public beach access on Long Bay Beach.  This is located 1.2 miles past the last roundabout on Leeward Highway when heading away from the airport.  This is the last roundabout where Leeward Highway goes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes(Look for Quality convenience store on the right).  After traveling 1.2 miles past this roundabout, you will see a large sign for “The Shore Club” on your right.  Make this right.  You will hit a dead end T-Junction with a stop sign 1/3 of a mile ahead.  You will see a resort to your right.  Turn right towards the resort.  Immediately, make your first left into the parking lot just prior to the resort.  It is a paved parking lot.  You are here!

From the parking lot, walk down the sand path towards the water.  You will see a pole with colorful signs on it.  Look to your left, you will see our Kite Provo flags, which are black.  We are to the left of the boardwalk.  Look for Kite Provo instructors who all wear a red shirt with “Instructor” on the back and “Kite Provo” on the shirt.


  1. Route: Providenciales (TC)