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From USD 120

If you are renting from us for the first time, we require a minimum of 1hr of supervised rental to ensure you are at a safe independent level.  We assist with set-up, launching, and landing.  We also use our watercraft to keep an eye on you and retrieve you should you blow downwind.n order to rent equipment you need to schedule a minimum of one hour of supervised rental.  We then assist you with the gear, ensuring that you know how to operate all the safety systems, etc.  Assist with launching, and use our watercraft to keep an eye on you and retrieve you from downwind if neccessary.  


Practice with our rental gear(kite, board, & harness) while we keep an eye on you within our designated safe zone.  We provide the security you need so you can focus on having fun!

You must have taken a lesson from us before or be able to demonstrate the self exit in the water, dis-arming the kite, managing the lines in the water, and walking in.  Otherwise we offer a 1hr lesson to teach you these skills.


$120/hr with our gear $80.00/hr with your gear


Note:  All rentals take place at our Kite Provo Rental Center located in the Beach Enclave complex on Long Bay Beach. 

From USD 120

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